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Original Title: The Big Wheel

Genge: Action,Drama,Romance,Sport















































Billy Coy, brash young midget car race driver, lives in the shadow of his famous father, a drunken womanizer, who was killed in an accident years earlier. His mantra that he's going "to drive over" everyone comes back to haunt him when his best friend is killed during a race. Everyone assumes that his ruthless driving style was the cause of the fatality, and it takes the love of a pretty tomboy working as a mechanic and his loyal mother to believe in him and his ability to overcome the resentment and redeem himself.
Billy Coy comes to Carrell. His late father's mechanic Red hires Billy as a mechanic. Soon, Billy gets a job as a driver.
This story of the race car industry is interesting and invariably there is that always exciting end of film racing scene.

Mickey Rooney is perfect to play the lead role of a jockey, who seems to be going in the way of his late father. When Rooney is unable to save his friend during a race, it comes out that his dad was quite a boozer and a womanizer as well.

The film gave Spring Byington, who plays Rooney's mother, the opportunity to engage in some dramatic acting. Most of Byington's career had her in almost comic roles or as a society matron. That changes all here.

Interesting that 10 years after "Gone With the Wind," Thomas Mitchell and Hattie McDaniel again team for this film. Though McDaniel is in one scene, they are not in that one together.

The film is a definite ode to race car drivers with their trials and tribulations. It's Mickey Rooney piloting a racecar, so which has more rpm's, the ultra-energetic actor or the racer hitting on all cylinders. This was a difficult period in the diminutive performer's career, trying to find a niche following MGM's primo Andy Hardy series. He's really quite good here, the son of a deceased race driver trying to prove his worth. As Billy, he starts off as a brash driver intent on running over those competitors getting in his way. This leads to the misperception that he caused the death of his best friend Happy (Brodie). Thus, relationships with his mechanic buddies and the money man (Lane) sours. Good thing his neglected girlfriend (Hatcher) stands by him. Now he's entered in the big Indie 500 and a chance to redeem himself, but can he.

The movie's mainly for racing fans, with lots of live footage, especially of crack-ups. Fortunately, the process shots of driver Billy's close-ups are smoothly integrated into the live footage, creating the appropriate effect. The supporting cast is well-chosen, especially the obscure Mary Hatcher who's a perfect match-up with Rooney. I guess her diminutive height limited a leading lady career, but she's a good little actress as she shows here. And where would a better middle-age couple be found than the sprightly twosome of Byington and Mitchell. Some casting director had a shrewd eye.

Anyway, the film's mainly for fans of Rooney and hot cars, though the overall effort is seamless enough for old movie fans.


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