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Original Title: Shadow

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller









































Mumbai Police are baffled by a number of killings allegedly committed by a male simply known as Arjun Sherawat, who appears to operate from the U.S.. The case is assigned to Inspector Sanjana Singh Rajpoot, the only child of Police Commissioner M.C. Rajpoot, who is often grilled and ridiculed by Lemon TV reporter, Rahul Kapoor. She soon comes to the conclusion that Rahul and his colleague, Sheela Pradhan, may be abetting Arjun as they always appear to be the first on the scene of every assassination. As she prepares to execute a warrant for Sheela's arrest - she will soon lose all control of this investigation and may well end up losing all credibility, leaving her father no option but to assign this case to some other official.
A series of high-profile murders committed by a super-smart killer leave the police flummoxed. Who is he and how is he finally captured?
As vanity films (Nasser Khan: producer, screenwriter, star in two roles) go, this one is on the bad side.

The Mumbai police take a lot of flak from the press for not catching Arjun Sherawat.

Inspector Sanjana is on the case. About 60 minutes in, it seems that's she's solved it.

Has she? No. So we go for a second round of detect and chase.

She catches up with some of his henchmen, but loses a fight and is captured. The explanation of her release was absent. Hmph.

Her father (also her superior in the Mumbai Police) assigns a senior officer for her to work with. They shoot and arrest Arjun, who gets sent to the hospital. While there, he implicates some high-ranking officials, including Shiv Shankar.

Will the police sort this out?


Cinematography: 10/10 Nice looking throughout.

Sound: 8/10 OK.

Acting: 2/10 Between poor and non-existent.

Screenplay: 6/10 Moves along from beginning to end, but might have been better as a 30 minute short instead of a 129 minute feature.

Musical Numbers: 6/10 So-so, but they were present.

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