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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked Movie Hindi Free Download

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked Movie Hindi Free Download >>>

Original Title: Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tales Of The Code: Wedlocked

Genge: Short,Action,Adventure,Fantasy



















































In this short prequel to the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, two feisty brides-to-be discover that they have something in common - the absent groom. Still, there are plenty of pirates who'd love to trade their goats for 'em.
"Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: Wedlocked" is a really long title and the first part is actually already enough to see what this is about. It is a 10-minute live action film from 2011 and the story here takes place before the first PotC film from almost a decade earlier. Jack Sparrow is referenced right away at the start and we see him in one scene too, but as Depp is not part of the cast I am not entirely sure what this was about. Maybe film footage just? I don't know. However, I must say apart from the mean angry pirate it was a pretty forgettable film with characters that weren't really memorable at all. Most known cast member is probably Dale Dickey, even if she does not have a great deal of screen time either. As a whole, this one is only worth checking out for the biggest PotC and pirate film fans. This one here probably gained a lot of attention because it was created by the writers of the PotC films (Elliott and Rossio, Oscar nominees for Shrek too) and the director worked on these films too and also on the script of the Oscar-winning 2Rango", another Depp/Verbinski connection. But like I said, nothing here stands out really and this one proves how badly this franchise is in need of the big name actors as otherwise it's really just about costumes and make-up. I give it a thumbs-down.

I thought Wedlocked, a prequel to Pirates 1(The Curse of the Black Pearl), was a great spin-off to the Pirates series. The references from the Disneyland ride and films definitely fit together perfectly. The Auction scene in the short film was pure funniness, the references to Pirates 1 at the end of the short was most intriguing, and Scarlett and Giselle were...well of course Scarlett and Giselle.

To tip what was revealed in the short, "slappers" Scarlett and Giselle both end up being put into the Auction for a Bride. During the oddball auction, Scarlett and Giselle fight over who's worth more, which ups the bid. Utter madness ensues after Scarlett and Giselle are sold to a rich pirate. To not bring in big points here, that's all I'll say.

Overall, Wedlocked was enjoyable and worth the 10 minutes I had to watch it. I honestly hope this short film brings up something bigger in the future; mostly because of the title "Tales of the Code". Highly recommended for any fan who enjoys watching the Pirates films.


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