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Original Title: Knock Out

Genge: Action,Crime,Mystery,Thriller

































Hidden with a mysterious agenda, a sniper holds a businessman hostage in a closed phone booth cell, where he is ordered to obey the tasks of sniper or he will be killed.
While making a phone call from a phone booth in Worli, Mumbai, Bachubhai alias Tony Khosla, a businessman, who lives with his wife, Lakshmi, and a young daughter, is interrupted by a male. He manages to shove him out, but is interrupted again by another male, and when he shoves him out, this male pulls out a gun but is shot dead by a third unknown male. This third male phones Tony and tells him that he was the one that saved his life, and Tony cannot hang-up the phone, and if he does so, he will be shot dead. With crowds, police, and the media descending on the scene, a hapless Tony will be held hostage, his personal life, including his affair with another woman, will be exposed, while the unrelenting sniper takes his time to clarify why he has decided to hold Tony in this situation.
I went to see this movie frankly because i was totally free and my friend insisted me to, I beforehand knew that this was a straight lift from the holly movie Phonebooth starring collin Ferrell and i wasn't to keen to watch this anyway 10 minutes into the movie i got proved right that it was a straight lift indeed but i was pleasantly surprised !! 'cause the movie was really gripping and i forgot about all the copying stuff and got engrossed completely , For those who have not seen phone booth they will like this even more, irrfan who is a black marketeer gets into a public telephone booth to do some usual business and gets captivated into the booth by sanjay dutt who calls him on the public phone and tells him that he has a sniper pointed on irrfan from a nearby building and then asks him to do stuff which exposes a corrupt politician ultimately , i wont reveal who sanjay is and why he holds irrfan captive 'cause thats for the viewer to find out and the reason is very compelling, valid and relevant to our country's biggest problem i.e black money , In Phonebooth the captivator was a psycho but its not the case here sanjay's character is of a very sane and intelligent tech savy person ,The movie also features a fight sequence involving sanjay which looks a straight lift from 'the bourne ultimatum' but none the less its pretty well done as well, the movie also has some laughs provided by irrfan but it doesn't loose its focus on the main theme ,what i didn't like though about the movie was that the makers blatantly denied on TV interviews that the movie wasn't a copy of phone booth but those were just blatant denial's. Barring that i liked the movie a lot , hats off to sanjay dutt, irrfan khan and mani shankar for making a focused , entertaining , no - nonsense movie 8/10
there are hundreds of movies that were copied and now as quoted inspired from Hollywood movies in Bollywood. Even the Indian audiences recognize right after watching trailer of such movies. But the trend doesn't end. It gets better. Knock Out is an example of that. Movie starts with a corruption money being transferred to a Swiss Account. Then leads to character name Bachchu played by Irafan Khan who gets to a phone booth and makes a call. Right after he hung up the phone, he receives a call. There the story begins. A story about a shooter (Sanjay Dutt) who has Bachchu on gun point and ask him to do things that Bachchu would have never imagined. the story remains excited till the ending. I wouldn't say it was the best movie I have ever seen. but was worth watching once and enjoy. Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan's chemistry works. They both done well as you expect from experienced actors. Kangana Ranaut is natural. Gulshan Grover gets few good lines other than that doesn't get much scope. Is short watch it once, it wont spoil your time.


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