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Hindi EOE: Eve Of Extinction Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: EOE: Eve Of Extinction

Genge: Action,Mystery,Sci-Fi













































Josh Calloway and his girlfriend Eliel Evergrand tries to escape after they find out what the company Wisdom is planning to use the E.O.E for world domination. Unfortunately, they were caught and Eliel Evergrand's soul was stripped into the E.O.E. While Josh was captured by the Wisdom employees and are in the helicopter, the helicopter unexpectedly had an engine failure, causing the helicopter to crash into the building. Josh managed to survive the crash and luckily, he found the briefcase that contains the E.O.E Sword. Now, Josh must use his weapon skills that he'll acquire during the events to bring an end to the company Wisdom, defeating Agla, the CEO of Wisdom and bringing his girlfriend Eliel back to normal.


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