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Dead Island Riptide In Tamil Pdf Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Dead Island Riptide

Genge: Action,Adventure,Horror,Thriller

































The Dead Island heroes escaped in a helicopter to the safety of a military ship, but when a furious storm hits, the virus suddenly spreads leaving hope drowning in the rising tides.
After having seeing the score for this game on meta critic, I was skeptical about playing this one. I had played a little bit of the first one and it left a very sour taste in my mouth and I thought it could have been so much better, especially considering its innovative concept. This one, however, doesn't improve on the original in the slightest. It is almost as if the developer completely ignored all the criticisms aimed at the first. The combat here is dreadful, you can perform light attacks, but you can't block or even counter enemy attacks, which becomes incredibly frustrating, considering you'll face massive hordes of enemies occasionally. Killing the zombies feels very unsatisfying as well. The damage modelling is well done, you can remove limbs and heads depending on the weapon you use, but unfortunately the attack animations are appalling. The kick animation is so poorly textured it shouldn't have even been implemented. Fist fighting is useless and all of the guns are amazingly underpowered. The voice acting of the Australian characters is absolutely atrocious. I don't know, if the developers tried to make them sound as irritating, grating and moronic as possible then I guess in that respect they've succeeded, but seriously, it is utterly embarrassing and cringe worthy to listen to and during the cut scenes you'll be wanting to reach for the mute button. There is also this really stupid and unnecessary RPG element to the game. You receive "experience" for neutralizing zombies or accomplishing quests but it really didn't have to be included, in fact, this game would have worked better as a straight up survival horror game where it doesn't reward you for what you do. The island itself looks very pretty but that is the only positive thing about this game.
this game is brilliant i promise you that dead island and dead island riptide are 2 of the funnest games you can ever play

the new characters, zombies and features that have been added in this game will lead to weeks of fun. No joke, these games are addictive. as far as graphics go they have improved since the first dead island and are fine, realistic enough for me. reviews have been hard on this game saying the graphics are bad and its bug/glitchy, i promise you when i say this, they don't know what they are saying. graphics don't make a good game, customization, excitement, story and good features make a good game. this game is fun to play with friends or on your own. if you like ,action games or scary games or shooting games or the first dead island than i am certain you will like dead island riptide. one of the funnest games in history. 10/10
Summer 2012


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