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First of all, the technique of observation is the best tip to urban warfare survival. A person who is facing these life and death situations needs to be alert about his surroundings and his company. As observed throughout the years, most people are usually unaffected with what happens in their surroundings. This attitude can save one from a lot of trouble.Second, face valueTotal Blackout Protocol holds much importance in these times. The urban survival manual highlights this tip as the most beneficial one. To show people that you have money one needs to carry a certain look, this exhibits inner confidence. It normally takes career oriented people years and years of practice and skill to master this look which will, in the end, save one from attackers.

Third, you should constantly be up to date about any developments in your immediate surroundings. This is a useful tip that can help you and your companions in warfare survival. One should be up to date with the present economic, political, and social scenario of your locale to avoid troubles or problems.Fourth, the urban survival manual states that speaking your mind could be one of the biggest mistakes you can commit in times of urban warfare. Being overtly friendly or prudent can have serious consequences that could have serious consequences.

Finally, being prepared at all times is the key to survival during urban warfare. This gives you an edge over the not so concerned civilians. In this manner, you can save yourself and your family s well as possessions from being exploited.Learning first aid practices are not only essential for medical professionals but are also essential for laymen all around the world. The need and importance of learning first aid practices are only realized during emergency situations. Most of the people are aware of common first aid practices but familiarity with the common techniques is not enough for a person to respond during emergency medical situations.

Therefore, first aid courses have been introduced for the public to be helpful enough to tackle the emergencies by providing immediate medical aid. Along with that, there are advanced first aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) courses available from the American Heart Association to save a person from life-threatening conditions.

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